Join a local club and experience a unique, informal and fun approach to your health and fitness.

We are a boutique health club with the focus on helping you to achieve your fitness goals.  We offer a fantastic environment for your workouts, whether you are training independently, with a personal trainer or as part of one of our small group classes.

Regardless of your age or level of fitness, you will at home and completely at ease with our friendly members and reliable and professional staff.


Join us for what we don't have





(also no queues, no mirrors, no juvenile trainers, no jocks, no loud thumping music etc)

When we started way back in 1998, it was our intention to look after a small number of people in a very big way.  For over 20 years we have achieved our aim.  If you're seeking a better way to get fit, stay healthy or become trimmer, MiddleParkFitness is here to help.

Chalking Up

Middle Parks only 24-Hour Facility

*Pay attention to the numbers.  I graduated from college and began teaching P.E. in '89, and we started our gym in '98.

Our telephone numbers 8998 suffix was picked for a reason.  The 9682 was the area code for Middle Park. 

Hence our phone number 9682 8998. 

So if you're working with one of our sure to pay attention to the numbers...because they won't!

Who, What, When, How?

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Take advantage of your locale 24 hour club.


You will receive 24 hour access with your own key to 'the home of MiddleParkFitness', granting you unlimited access every day of the year or you may choose to work more effectively with one of our personal trainers.

We also offer great partner rates and even better family discounts. 

Staffed Hours - most times, except when we are across the road getting a coffee, usually...

Monday -Thursday from @ 6am -7pm

Friday @ 6am -4pm

Saturday @ 8am till just before 12pm.

Staying Fit in the Middle

Your goals Your way

Personal Training / Break your records

MiddleParkFitness Personal Training is truly an alternative in fitness. Our facilities guarantee there are no crowds or queues for equipment. We have created a comfortable atmosphere that makes you feel right at home and ensures your training is results-based and highly personalised because, it's all about YOU!

Record Heads B&W

Don't just break records...make your body sing!

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Make your body move!

Dana is a bundle of energy.  She will get the best out of your body using her experience as a trainer and mobility expert.  Her expertise  and skill will inspire you to achieve your best whilst remaining mindful of minimizing risks with constant evaluation. You will progress consistently as Dana disguises the intensity, enabling you to push yourself at the appropriate level.  Dana is a long way from home, (U.S.A) but many clients treat her as if she was one of their special family members. The only thing she loves better than training you is her dogs...ok....maybe Alan, her Aussie Hubby.

"Dana is a fabulous personal trainer with an emphasis on personal.  Each session is varied but tailored to my body's needs and specific issues.  She makes each session fun but challenging, and encourages me to achieve."   Jenny B



A little  bit of yin...

Chris draws on his passion for Tai Chi and weightlifting to help people to move efficiently. You will improve strength and function, as well as develop a sense of confidence and belief in your capabilities working with Chris.  He has 2 darling daughters, enjoys naps and coffee, good books, and his favourite fabric is linen.  He can also teach you how to break a board with your fist, if you're into that sort of thing.

Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 9.07.16 pm.png


Director of Motivation & Inspiration

Tania enjoys living her dream of setting & achieving goals. With the luck of having a supportive family, friends & the belief to succeed in her chosen sport, she achieved success in squash traveling the world many times over. Retiring from Squash Tania embraced the importance of Fitness, Health & Wellness which she now shares with her clients.  She strives to help you become better and uses her professional & family supportive experience to now offer that 'support' to you. Things she has ticked off her on her Bucket List
Walked Kokoda Trek PNG & completed the Melbourne Marathon.

"Tania is a wonderful trainer, she comes to each session with a varied and well-thought-out fitness program tailored to my needs and goals".  Deb C



More than meets the eye

Lachie has both a very orthodox and unique approach to your training.  Using his Exercise Sport Science Degree and his many years experience as a professional athlete (beyond his years) helps him develop the correct methods to get the best for you.  Lachie is also in his final year of his teaching degree.  


Lachie greets me every morning  with enthusiasm & a big welcoming smile. More importantly he ensures our training sessions are always varied, with a mix of different exercises suited to my needs. He knows his stuff, he works me hard but we have fun!”
Sandra G

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Oldie...but still a goodie

Jack has been involved in the health & fitness industry for over 40 years beginning coaching gymnastics in his teens.  His breadth of knowledge and experience provides a solid foundation for training that he enjoys sharing with others to help them achieve their goals.  Jack's easy going style combined with his P.E. teaching; musical & entertainment background allows him to communicate to a wide variety of people and for them to improve in a fun and entertaining manner.  Just like a personal trainer….only better. 

“Jack shows us what it takes to win the battles along the way. He really is a fat lot of good.” Dr. C. Allan

"How many people do you know who begin an exercise program and within 3 weeks their initial intentions have been forgotten?"  We aim to help you break this cycle.  We set up our club late last century (est 1998*) and we have been helping people reach their goals for longer.  Our trainers have a wealth of knowledge that is second to none.  That's why over the years we have trained and worked with some of the most highly respected Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors in Australia.

We know things sometimes happen and get in the way of your goals.....John Lennon once said, "life is what happens when you're busy making plans."  That being said, we do have a cancellation policy for pt sessions. I think it was Paul who said it best. "We require 24-hours notice for cancellations. All rescheduled appointments requested within this cancellation period may still incur a debit to your account".Let it be!

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